About Us

Our Brand
When you think of Indulge you think of anything from the finest wines, to the finest getaways! When you think of Premium, you think of superior quality no matter the price.

What if you combined indulgence and premium in your consumption of water?

Indulge Premium Natural Alkaline water does exactly that! Our name alone stands for the pure indulgence of excellence in every sip you take from our BPA Free bottles! Made from premium quality natural springs and bottled to perfection! With an alkalinity of 7.8, there is no better way to Indulge!

Our Goal
To provide our consumers with high quality water at a price everyone can afford! We believe consumers shouldn't have to break their bank to reap the benefits of drinking premium water! Our product has a pH level higher than most other popular brands at a fraction of the cost! With consumer education and affordable pricing, Indulge will exceed the goal in customer satisfaction!

Our Mission
"To promote Health, Wellness, and Education to all people about the benefits of Alkaline Water for the body and total overall health!"

Our Values
Here at Indulge, we believe knowledge is power! If we strive to provide education about our product our consumer can make informed, factual based decisions on how consumption of our product can improve overall health. If we provide our consumer with facts, it provides our consumer will value based customer service and a great client consumer relationship!

Did You Know?

Q. Some of the most popular bottled water brands have a pH equal to a soda?

A. We know what you all are thinking, No WAY! YES way!

Q. Any water less than 7.0pH is acidic?

A. Yes, that s right and most water bottles aren t even close to a 7!!! YUCK right?

Q. True or False, the daily consumer is drinking water that can erode the enamel from your teeth?

A. TRUE! Daily consumption of water you think you are drinking is good for you! It is not, and Indulge is here to change that!